Mar 1, 2006

bite my ass

the nike marathon's early registration is open.. and again i'm going to register. Only this time my ass won't get bitten, atleast I hope not.

I get such a different feeling when i'm staring at a pool or a body of water. Perhaps my hs glory days gave me the confidence to feel as if i can tear the water up. Even now, I get an overwhelming feeling of "i am woman, hear me roar" strength whenever I'm near a pool. The subtle hint of chlorine in the air gives me such a high (seriously). Running gives me such a different feeling. First off I run funny (I have a penguin stride.. if you can call it a stride. It's more like a waddle). The last marathon kicked my butt. I've done okay at my half marathons, but certainly far from tearing any gravel or dirt up. (I think I'm usually the victin in most of my racing events) Perhaps that's why I haven't stopped running yet. Or maybe I'm just crazy.. yeah that's probably it.


j woo said...

i drove down silverado trail last weekend, and i was like, "i cannot believe i ran this whole way...and i also kind of don't remember running some of it...". then i saw the turn where you and my dad were. i didn't cry then but i did get a little misty now. :)

Tony Park said...

you should run your next marathon in a tux...while carrying one of those oversized stuffed penguins featured at the Oscars. And then you can write a blogpost about the experience called Marathon of the Penguins.

Ok. Maybe not.