Mar 16, 2006

Lose 10 to run 26

So I've made it a point to lose 7 to 10 pounds before my next marathon. Mostly because I think the loss of this weight would help my speed and endurance. Plus I've noticed a certain amount of jiggle when running in front of a mirror on a treadmill. Right leg, jiggle, left leg, jiggle. I've a little obsessed with running which I guess is pretty healthy. Since I run with a few of my girlfriends, it gives us some girl time to gossip and chat between breaths.

In my swimming days, we had to maintain a certain weight.. I discovered that my performance excelled at the weight of 114. Course in swimming, your body actually requires a little more fat then running. I'd say anywhere between 3% to 5%. I actually did a study on body fat between runners and swimmers during my one semester as a Kinesiology major.

Anyways i've signed up on to keep track of my caloric, cholesteral, protein and fat intake. You need a subscription to Self magazine to register for it, but it's totally worth it (If you don't have one, you can opt for the annual Self Challenge at is another site that can help you figure out what you are eating. Counting calories definitely makes you rethink the afternoon Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. Even if it was a tall nonfat one.


audrey said...

Nice! Thanks for the diet links--I've never looked into sites that try to help you with nutrition and stuff. This could be a really great motivator. If you ever come across any other sites that you think are also useful, let me know!

Holly Golightly said...

yes, you and i used to be so weird about providing entries of what we ate to each other.

however, i have decided that i need to lose a few lbs too - not for any lofty purpose such as yourself, but just b/c some pants are feeling tighter than usual and that is just not a good thing for my wallet...

vanissa said...

hmm....i always end up screwing myself over with these kinds of plans...calorie's' the whole impulse to keep me from attaining my goal..i know, i'm weird. so i literally have to NOT do plans like that so that it doesn't backfire....does that make sense?

anyway, kudos. goodluck. i'm getting back into running too. maybe i'll run the NYC u. xo