Apr 25, 2006

Before 30 List

Thanks for all the congratulatory messages. Though the proposal wasn't really a surprise, Justin all dressed up in a monkey suit was.

Anyways, was talking to E the other night and amongst many happy squeals we stumbled on the subject of before 30 lists. I had created one a while back.. i think before the dawn of my 25th birthday since I thought then, that having 5 years to accomplish everything on that list would be feasible. Course you all know what happened to my old blog.. obliterated from the internet world, and thus my world. I never had a paper copy of that list.. but I do remember a few things that I can thankfully put a check next to...

  • get engaged or get serious with a super special someone (check)
  • go to china (check - mid june to mid july 06)
  • start a side business (check - jenny and i are starting a little event planning venture, mostly concentrated on wedding planning. the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Site soon to come).
  • own property
  • acquire a canine buddy
  • compete in a triathlon
  • run in a few marathons and half marathons (check)
  • work overseas (check - my amazon.fr parisian stint)
  • travel to australia
  • learn to scuba dive
  • exhibit my photography in a gallery(check)
  • travel to africa
  • learn Japanese
  • taking a thai cooking class
  • travel to japan

Hmm.. this was clearly not the entire list and frankly, some of the bullets are quite broad. I'll have to work on it a bit and repost when I'm less busy with a launch.

Again thank you for all the sweet notes on our engagement.


yukster said...

Hey Betina,

I can totally help you with two things on your list! Learning Japanese and going to Japan. I can teach you Japanese (call me, and we will talk!) and I will be back in Japan some time in July this summer so you can come visit me then while you are traveling China! I am somewhat relieved that I never created such a list for myself... Only thing that I may be able to put a check next to, may be turning in another draft of my dissertation.... sigh

vanissa said...

HMMM...that's a good list. I have to make one too, and add scuba diving to it. lalala