Apr 3, 2006

i have a soft spot for rockstar engineers and chris o'donnell

Late Friday night, after cancelling yet another snowboarding trip to Tahoe, Kevin invited us to go watch one of his co-workers rock out in his new band 'Subimage' at the Red Devil Lounge. The band was good. Highly energetic, slightly dramatic alternative franz ferdinandish punk rock. The band had both female and male vocal leads whose harmony summoned memories of the dearly Canadian indie band Stars. I liked them even more when i found out that the lead singer 'Chris' was actually an Adobe programmer. I have such a soft spot for rock stars that are also extreme programmers. it's the nerd in me, I suppose. Check'em out on myspace.com

* Spoiler for Grey's anatomy *
Well not actually a spoiler since it's about a past show.. the writers of the last grey's anatomy were at their best making each of their main characters endure hell, only allowing them to triumph at the end. There was also a moment when i cried out in sheer job to see a familiar face grace the screen. Yes folks, the new love interest for Meredith is none other than mr. sensible Chris O'Donnell. Looks like i have a soft spot for careless-haired preppy blue eyed boys as well.


jwoo said...

JESUS!!!! I used to be OBSESSED with Chris O'Donnell. I bought all of the movies that he was in at the time, "Fried Green Tomatoes" "Scent of a Woman". I even found out that he went to the same high school as my cousin, but was two years behind. I was convinced that I would grow up and marry him.

silky said...

omg! i, too, use to be obsessed with Chris O'Donnell. remember him in "School Ties"? or as Minnie Driver's love interest in "Circle of Friends"? i use to think he could be the perfect guy. and now, even after having a gajillion children, he has aged SO WELL! the second he walked onto the screen at the end of the ep, I think my heart actually skipped and went "Wooooooo!"