Jul 3, 2006

pizza hut means welcome home

Arrived in SFO this morning at 10:50 AM with big red puffy eyes - I had watched Eight Below a total of 3 times on this trip.. and yes, the last 10 minutes made the canine sap in me cry all three times.

Now after an 8 hour nap, I'm gorging down 2 huge slices a la Pizza Hut delivery. Funny how being in a foreign country makes you want to each American junk food.

The vacation was grand. We took nearly 1000 photos, met and reunited with some great friends, and ate like there was no tomorrow. Thankfully the humidity in China melted off most of the extra calories. Now if only i can say the same about pizza hut.

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Holly Golightly said...

ah yes, i know what you mean about american junk food when in a foreign country; of course when i was in china, i DID partake of mcd's as well as pizza hut; pizza hut is practically fancy eating according to mainland standards. so what was the wedding like? it looks pretty western from what i saw on eugene's flickr. was it a nice meld of chinese and american?