Jul 11, 2006


There were a few things I was looking forward to when the summer of 06 hit: trip to Asia, wedding gown shopping, the Shin's next album, San Francisco's opening of a Bloomingdales and Barney's in Union Square, and yes I have to admit, I kept my eyes peeled for Justin Timberlake's sophomore CD release. Here's the first song.. I'm sadly disapppointed actually. It could be easily confused as a song from Britney's last album In the Zone. I was really looking forward to something more Senorita-esque with a jazz twist - he had an astounding performance at an award show (I think it was the 2004 AMAs) a few years back with a jazz/funk mix of Senorita, even my Justin applauded his performance. I was hoping his performance was going to start a trend a jazz pop trend of some sort. Instead, I have to settle for this electonica pop lounge stuff. As Jenny says, he sounds androgenous in it. Booo...

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