Jul 12, 2006

Updates on the Wedding Front

So I didn't think I would get too neurotic over wedding planning, but the bride-zilla in me is starting to appear. ARGH! Actually I think i'm just anxious to get things done and over with... I just got a note from the coordinator at the palace of legion of honor, our ceremony and reception place of choice. We've managed to move to the first slot for May 27th, 2007 ( they have this complicated way of reserving dates - nonetheless, we are more than likely having our merge day there). 5/27/2007 rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Yes, I even think about those types of things. I mean, it will be our anniversary after all. The date has got to sound good.

AND, Nahla was so kind to fly over and lend an extra eye and hand to my wedding gown indecision.. I think I have found the one.. but I'm going to get a few more friends to check out. Decisions, decisions.. oh and bm dresses. For the most part, I'll be nice and try to incorporate ideas on colors. BM's will be choosing their own styles as long as they match in material and color. The color is still up in the air. Justin has to okay them, so a pretty-in-pink wedding is probably off the table.

AND then there's the music, the lighting, the officiant, the rentals, the cake, the food, the photographer, the videographer, the shoes.. blargh. Oh right, and invitations..

And anytime I start thinking about vows, the start feeling the tears swell up. I couldn't even get through Aliah's vows and they were in guarani. I was a mess during my BM speech for Nahla, how in the world will i get through my own? I thought it would be amusing just to use a script from some movie or even song lyrics.. then atleast it would be amusing and I could avoid smearing my mascara. Heh. More than likely, I'll be bawling, and the officiant will have to read the rest of my vows as I start whispering my "I will not cry" mantra to myself. It's going to be amazing.

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