Aug 16, 2006

Vegas vs San Francisco

Just got back from a trip to vegas to try and decide on a wedding vacation.. Red Rock Casino completely blew my mind. I loved the little personal cabanas that you can rent out. We checked out the rooming situation and each room has a huge plasma screen tv in the bedroom and a mini version in the bathroom. The honeymoon suite was anywhere from 1000 sq feet to 4000 sq feet. Umm.. I wouldn't know what to do with all that space.

The spot we have chosen for San Francisco, is a 1930's art deco building.. lavish floors and ceilings, beautiful marble tables, cigar room, bridesmaid room, a diego rivera mural. It's remarkable how little you have to do to the room to make it elegant. It's got class written all over it.

So there are pros and cons to both. Sadly they are about even. I joked with Justin this morning that I should just take a vote from our friends and families.

We have two dates on hold..

May 19th, Red Rock Resort and Casino, Las Vegas
May 27th, City Club, San Francisco.

What do you think??


vanissa said...


red rock sounds nice.....i still would love to be in san fran tho..just for the sake of being in nocal...

but for purely selfish reasons, as you know.


PA said...

Hi Betina, first time leaving you a comment:) both places sound great! I like the City Club best. good luck on the planning.

Holly Golightly said...

wait, i thought you decided on vegas? and see, apparently, i wasn't the minority in choosing SF initially. of course now i'm glad you went with vegas since that means i don't have to come alone. it looks nice and since it's vegas, that means i can get some pool time too, right? not too early for that? but dude, the average hotel room rate seems to be $300, what happened to vegas being cheaper?

audrey said...

Vegas would be so much fun!! And the idea of the cabanas sounds really nice. Of course, San Francisco would be amazing too and the City Club decor is really nice.