Dec 11, 2006

While you were out...

Justin and I went out to a huge bday dinner last night at 5 star Gary Danko. It was the most extravagant meal I've ever had.. foie gras, oysters, frog legs, lobster, crab cakes, squash soup, cheese plate, duck breast, filet mignon, apple break pudding and a chocolate souffle. Oh and a bottle of wine, coffee and tea. I was hallucinating at the end of night.

As our taxi pulled up to our block, we noticed that the front of our apt was blocked by a fire truck and a cop car. A fireman was busy hosing down the side walk and the side of the apartment that sat directly across from ours. We assumed that a little fire had started and didn't think much more, until this morning when our neighbor filled us in on the gory details...

Here is Karl's recap of the events that occurred last night while we were out...

"Mark and I were having beers in north beach—we came up the hill as a bunch of cop cars showed up on the scene---we walked over to look, and someone had been stabbed---the person was still there—on the ground—couldn’t see him really, but I don’t think he was in good shape, though he may have been alive

We thought initially he had been shot, because there were 4 or 5 different blood splatters on the wall—basically, the guy got stabbed and fell against the wall—and I guess as he fell he kept turning over and leaving different blood splotches—and a huge pool of blood on the sidewalk where he eventually fell

Anyway—it was quite brutal—very freaky

As for what happened-----one of the residents of the building next to us apparently heard someone scream and looked out---the stabee was hitting the wall and a tall, well-dressed (?) guy was running down Washington towards North Beach—this person called the cops and gave a statement, but….from what I gathered, it seemed like an argument began the whole thing (which would make it a targeted attack and not random)—in any case, the stab wound alone suggested it was something very intentional---the guy had been cut really badly—I would generally think a simple mugger would not really be hoping to kill someone and the stab wound looked lethal

i don’t know much more than that—people were just milling about, talking about it—cops were asking anyone if they had seen it but none had

one of the weirdest things was that they kept letting the cable cars through—so cars full of 40 or so tourists just kept going past this blood-stained wall—I don’t think I would want my kid to see that

I’ve not seen anything on the news—I don’t know if the one who was stabbed was a nearby resident or just in the area---mark and I watched the cops doing their thing from the rooftop, which was kind of interesting, and kind of scary as we realized that they had almost no chance of catching the person if it was random violence"

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