Jan 11, 2007

If I don't run 45 miles in January, then I will...

I have such a love/hate relationship with Nike as you may have read on my yelp review on buying the new Nike Ipod Sportkit. Yesterday I was a lover of Nike. Along with 150 other runners, we marched into an already crowded Niketown to claim our free long sleeve dri-fit resolution t-shirts as we all signed up to be part of the Nike Run Club. So do I feel like a hypocrite? Nah! I do want to run and running in big crowds only motivates me to go further... I also feel safe and I want a pace leader so I don't slack. And I'm also cheap, so I don't want to pay for it, because I don't think it should cost more than a pair of good running shoes to enjoy running. Because of all that, Nike rocks. They rock even more in that they motivate and inspire women to run ( by co-sponsoring the Nike Women's Marathon with Tiffany's and Running World, and providing atleast 6 months of training) and coming up with well groomed trails all around the city for the participants.

So on my long sleeve dri-fit it says 'If I don't run 45 miles, then I will..." and I haven't filled in the rest of my resolution. I thought about giving up chocolate for 2 months, or sweets until my wedding, or running 75 miles in Feb. All of them sound painful don't they? And so goes the rest of my resolutions for 2007. I haven't made up my mind on them yet and I still have a list of to-do's before I turn 30 (which is evidently this year).

When I'm ready to post them, I will. But I wanted to write and say Happy Holidays. I still have yet to see snow (Tahoe trip next week. Woohoo!) so it's hard for me to believe that the holiday season has already come and gone.

Oh and the big news over the holidays. My parents finally got a new pup, named YAYA. I'll post pics later.

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Anonymous said...

If you still lived in Seattle, you would have seen more than your fair share of snow...