Jan 23, 2007

Self.com three years in a row?

It's pretty predictable that eating a healthy diet, and losing weight will be focuses in my new year's resolutions. In fact, when have they not? Last year I did pretty well.. up until our trip to Vegas during the holidays.

It occurred to me that all this healthy eating has always been brought on by evaluating my diet through self.com. I had no idea that I was ingesting so many carbs and sugars, and I had no idea that I didn't get enough fiber in my diet. AND my portions were out of control. With that realized, do I still need self.com? Or do I need my fiance to start going to the gym again?

Last year, I signed J up for the gym so that I could have a gym partner, and I wouldn't feel bad about going without him. It turned out to be the best investment I've ever made. He became a monger at the gym. Running a solid 3 to 4 miles, and lifting for another 45 minutes to an hour. Even if I wanted to leave early, he wasn't ready, and I'd be forced to add in another half hour of cardio. All in all, it turned out well. Saw a lot more tonage, and I lost more weight than i had in years. Woohoo. Since November though, he started slacking at the gym.. mostly because he was pulling all nighters to complete his master's. Now that he's done (and since this morning, is now EMPLOYED!!!), we will hopefully start our rigorous gym sessions again.

So on to my resolutions..

  • Eat well - more fruit, more veggies, more protein, less carbs, less fat. LESS CHOCOLATE (though it is a good anti-oxidant). Drink less coffee, more water.
  • Tone arms and back - first dress fitting is coming up this weekend, so I'll know first hand how much toning I'll need.
  • Continue Running - just joined up with Nike Run Club again. Hoping to run the Chicago Marathon this year, if time permits. Maybe I'll try and get into the lottery for the NYC Marathon. How crazy would that be?
  • Get a handle on my allergies. Take another painful allergy prick test. I'm either psycho-somatic about my allergies, or else I'm allergic to a lot of stuff. J suspects that I'm allergic to glutens and if that's the case, I'll have to see if i can get on a gluten free diet. That sounds like a lot of work.
  • Stop scratching.. more to do with getting a handle on my allergies. If anyone has skin allergies, I completely sympathise with you. It sucks. I know it well.
  • Save money?? I'm splurging for the wedding, but afterwards, we'll need to start saving. It will be a lot easier with a two person income... and I'm really looking forward to that.
  • If all goes well, get a puppy! Mind you, the puppy (yaya) photographed below is my parent's new puppy. It's a white short hair chihuahua that weighs less that one pound. While I do have a mild distaste for small yappy little dogs, yaya makes an exception - she's a dollface. And she's quiet, hyper, but quiet. And she's a face licker.

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