Mar 9, 2007

the Last 5 pages

I don't read much.. and when I do, I lose interest quickly if it's not a good read. Over the past few years I've been picking up more and more books, mostly because I don't have anything better to do on my Caltrain commute but to engross myself in a book... or sleep:)

I'm noticing a pattern in my reading habbits. The last 5 pages are the hardest for me to get through especially if it's really good. For me the last 5 pages are the "make it or break it" section for me. And it's incredibly heartbreaking if the book concludes terribly, but begins well. So when it's a good book, I delay the end. I know, it's weird. Also i think I have separation issues. Like when you open the book, you start a relationship with the author and the characters in the book. To finish it, is like breaking it off.. I don't like breaking off relationships in general.. Anyways I just finished empire falls which I started awhile ago, but had to wait literally 2 weeks before starting the last 10 pages.. Weird. It was a really great book though, and it ended well, even though there's a slight twist in the epilogue that I didn't expect.

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Holly Golightly said...

yes, i think i can vouch for dear betina not reading much. hahahaha.

but i see what you mean - if it's a GOOD book, i almost don't want to finish it; but if it's an unsatisfying ending to an otherwise really good book, it just ruins your opinion of the entire book.