Mar 2, 2007

Semi Star Sighting..

I must call it a semi-star sighting mostly because 90% of you probably won't know who David Wu is, and those that do know, were probably, at one time or another, forced to watch Taiwan MTV to see him VJ because of me (you are therefore a great friend).... AND may I defend him a bit more.. he was not only good looking back in the day, but he had a great role in this small indie chinese flick called, 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter,' where he played a saxophone player who falls in love with one of the members of a 4 women band. This is not the same movie that was critically acclaimed a few years back. That one is Korean and called 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring'. Notice the extra season at the end there. That's actually a much better movie, unless you (like myself) are a little obsessed with David Wu.

So late last night, J and I had to run a bunch of errands downtown, and were forced with the hard decision of finding a place to eat. Before the grand opening of the upscale Food Court (yes it is upscale) in Westfield Mall, there weren't that many places to eat down town.. Anyways we finally found ourselves at a small two top in Kuleto's (named for Pat Kuleto, the well connected restauranteur that seems to be everywhere in SF - check out the latest article '7 degrees of Pat Kuleto' in the february issue of 7X7).

Food was okay.. My steak was tender but a bit bland, fingerling potatoes were dry... David Wu and his family were seated a few tables behind me.. so that's what made the meal. I don't think anyone recognized him but myself of course.. And I didn't really believe it, til I googled him today to see if i could find more recent photos of him.. lo and behold, I found his
. AND yes, it was him last night.

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Holly Golightly said...

i guess i'm one of those "great friends" then :) also b/c i gave you an autographed postcard thingy from him too from my aunt who's friends with his fam. hehe. btw, i wasn't that fond of the korean movie; it was okay but omg, so artsy and slow.

argh, the link to his blog didn't work! will have to try later.