Mar 30, 2007



Sounds pretty good, no? Not that I don't some day want kids, but being a THINKER or DINK (double income no kids) is pretty attractive especially in the bay area, where it's near impossible to buy real estate (all my friends are half-jokingly waiting for the big one to hit, which will ultimately cause the housing market to crash in a big way), and the schools in the city are so-so. Private schooling is as expensive or more expensive than college schooling.. and well, traveling with kids (while i always thought our family vacations were very rewarding and memorable) is a pain in the butt. Perhaps my biological clock hasn't started ticking yet or it's been shut off by my sister's horror stories in teaching elementary school children in Brooklyn. In any case, I know a lot of THINKERS that are living crazy lives.. but on the other hand, all my friends that are now mothers glow whenever they talk about motherhood. Guess I'm just not ready.. yet.

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Holly Golightly said...

DINK? that sounds funny, haha. i can see myself being either one, i s'pose, b/c like you, no biological clock ticking yet (uh, reference my latest post for full rant details, ha). besides, we all know that if i did have kids, i'd want to be a sophisticated well-dressed mommy that buys citizens of humanity maternity jeans and lets the au pair do all the work :)