Mar 29, 2007

the ying and the yang

Sometimes when all things are going so well, something always happens out of the blue, that reminds you that things could just get crappy at a moment's notice.

This was so eloquently illustrated to me the other day. I had an amazing weekend.. got some time with my girlfriends, got my run on, finalized on some more wedding things, j was working and loving his job, found a really really good brunch place called L'Ottimista(food always has a way of setting my mood, saw a funny comedian by the name of Robert Schimmel (be forewarned - he's really really crass), had some great korean bbq, did some yoga.. Generally things were coming together.. and i could really feel that a part of the city was growing on me (not that I don't love the city.. some of the inconveniences of living in a city just perturb me at times when I focus on it). Anyhow you get the point, everything was going well and san francisco was the best city in the world... (besides paree). Then i get to my car and find my entire glove compartment emptied all over the floor on the passenger side. My third copy of Okay, Computer (Radiohead) was missing.. as were all my ipod accessories that I got for my last birthday.. that includes the iTrip, and my recharger, my cell phone recharger, my old cell phone recharger, a few other cd's. The perpetrator apparently popped the trunk and took all my extra bottles of washer fluid, and transmission fluid, and my Road Trip set (euge had given me this a long time ago when amazon was promoting the movie Road Trip. They had these great road trip carry-ons that contained everything from an emergency flag, jumper cable, to dental floss, just in case you end up in a bad spot during a road trip). I still have yet to figure out what else they took from my car.. I never keep inventory of my cd's anymore because they always get stolen. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

On the bright side, they didn't do any damage to my car.. which is part of the charm of the echo. It's apparently one of the easiest cars to break into. J told me that there was actually a vid on YouTube that showed you how to break into an echo with a couple of magnets and a tin can or something MacGyver'ish like that. ARGH! I'm just glad I didn't leave my ipod in there.. or my harry potter 6 book. God forbid.

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Holly Golightly said...

sorry to hear about your stuff, dude! but yes, on the good side, at least you can still use your car w/o paying a lot to fix any damages... as for the other stuff, at least they're pretty replaceable, right?