Apr 6, 2007

The bridezilla inside me...

I'm starting to see how easily one can slip and become a bridezilla. There are just too many little details - little worrisome details that can go wrong.. plus so many things to remember as the big day comes up. I'm a little more than a month away, and the 'laid-back bride' in me is in a losing battle with the 'bitchy I want everything to be as perfect as it can possibly be, plan the hell out of it bride'. Oh yes, the bridezilla is about to show its ugly face.

April 5th was the RSVP date for my invitations. I'll be calling a big group of people this weekend to make sure that they are planning to come.. and then the rest is up to them. Just need to trust that they'll make it.. so far we have 95 confirmed, and about 35 not coming.. our guest list consisted of 200 people so I'll have to make a lot of phone calls this weekend.

My catering manager is out for a week due to illness, but she needs the final menu and the final cake design.

Violinist playing the ceremony music is out on spring break and she'll need the final program by Sunday.

Need to schedule a final meeting with photographers.

Facial appointment at the beginning of May. Check.

Evite for rehearsal dinner.

Location & schedule for rehearsal.

Out of town guest baggies.

Skin care regimen. This is actually one of the more difficile for me, since i have eczema and skin allergies. Anytime I have a reaction, it's a guessing game for me. I started developing really bad allergies at the age of 23. And it's been really hard to pinpoint what I'm allergic too, even after taking a painful skin allergy prick test. I do believe nature is probably better for your skin then anything you can whip up in a chemical lab. That said, i'm apparently allergic to most things in nature. My wonderful facialist has been amazing though (Cheryl and Studio C Skincare). She intro'd me to Naturopathica and it's worked wonders on my dry flaky skin patches. Anyways I think I can check this off, until my next reaction occurs. Check.

Bridesmaid gifts. All ordered and shipping. Check.

Favors. Almost done. Half check?

Dance Class. Scheduled in two weeks. Check.

Find a hair updo. Still surfing for photos.

Dress fitting. Had the second one, and my seamstress told me that I had to lose weight, tone up my arms. I've been going out a lot because I'm getting married soon. Apparently weight gain is not a cause for celebration. The dress fit fine, but it was definitely a little tight. The zipper went all the way up, but it looks like I'm spilling over at the top. Not the best look for me. I've enrolled in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. This week, no carbs. Check.

Flower girl dress. Check.

Groom's Tux. Called to order, but I don't think they've returned our phone call.

Gift Registry. Check.

Band check in. They are all ready and willing. Need to get them a final schedule.

Groomsman gifts. All ordered and shipping.

Groomsan ties. 3 bought. One shipping.

Flowers. Waiting to hear if cherry blossoms will be around through mid May. Otherwise order is going to Japan. Letting florist handle that. Check.

Sunday night hotel reservation. Check.

Spanx. Bought. Check.

Hair. Scheduled a perm for next week. Check.

Linens. May need to change depending on guest number.

Sanity. In check, but clearly about to lose it.

I think that's only half my checklist and still much to do. We bought lanterns last weekend and realized that we needed to paint them (white lanterns represent funerals in Chinese customs), so we'll be painting cherry blossoms on them this weekend. Painting round objects is sorta like an Easter custom, isn't it?

On top of all this, I've kind of put my life on hold. I haven't really thought about the weddings that are coming after our wedding. There's S&D's in Mexico City which i still need to book a hotel and find a flight to. And A&M
in Seattle. AND I have to train for a half marathon and 2 full marathons. Huh.

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