Apr 23, 2007

Very Good Things

Tajine - I've always had a soft spot for mom and pop run restaurants that seat about 30 people.. each tiny detail of their dishes are usually done with heart, and you can't find more personnable service anywhere.. Here's a new one to add to the list. It's a Morrocan cuisine newcomer in the tendernob area that seats about 30 people tops. I'm told that their old location, in the heart of the tenderloin, sat about 10 people. We waited about 15 minutes to grab a table late Friday night, and couldn't be more overjoyed with the reasonable and diverse menu. I think their most expensive item is $12.95. Service is a bit slow, but to their defense, it's a tiny place - the wait staff has to maneuver around tables to get to all the tables. Definitely worth checking out.

GoldStar Events - Daily Candy just made a posting about it, but it's great for discount comedy and theater tickets.. they even have specials on spas and massages.. Ooh la la!

Zoe Bikini - Another Daily Candy find. I actually haven't been here yet, but the concept is amazing. They carry a huge line of bikinis and, even better, they will make you your own customized bikini.

Endless.com - So I'm constantly accused for shamelessly plugging amazon.com products (have you seen our stock recently??) but Endless.com is seriously a good thing. It's incredibly user friendly, giving you the tiniest detail of the shoe. The catalog is continually growing and the pricing is highly competitive. Plus you get an automatic 5 dollar coupon with each purchase, and free overnight shipping. I just bought these super comfy Jaques Levine ugg-like boot slippers for $34 bucks (down from $130). I ordered them on Monday at 4pm, and received them on Tuesday at 11am. You can't beat that.

Tuesday Parking on Nob Hill - Not that it matters to anyone, but it took me literally 1 minute to find parking last night. It's a personal victory that I thought I'd share.

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