Apr 20, 2007

We will become silhouettes

Despite the difficult start of this past week, I was able to escape reality for awhile and attend the much anticipated Shins concert Monday night - the first of 3 concerts at the Fox Warfield.

It was just what I needed.. uplifting, soulful, haunting music coupled with thoughtful, somewhat silly lyrics carried out by the amazing and modest James Mercer, who at the end of the crowd's applause would just say "Wow, thanks!", as if he was surprised that we liked it so much. The two band members on guitars whose names escape me now ( but I think one of them is dating Elyse Sewell - model from the first seasons of America's top model - her blog by the way is very entertaining. I peruse it on occasion when i want to look for unannounced Shins news ) totally rocked out, and were able to say a bit more to their captivated hipster-yuppie audience.

I was worried with their third album release for awhile, since their second album is one of my all time favorites, but it's proven to be equally addictive. I'm often seen bopping to their music on my morning commute. I've turned to it much more this week, in trying to make sense of everything.

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