Jun 27, 2007

Name Change Goodness

I grabbed this list of things to do to legally change your name from some wedding site. Good God!

I like how they listed "Costco card". Such an important thing to have these days. Guess I need to add Macy's Card, Banana Card, Best Buy card, AAA card... No wonder so many people are discouraged from changing their names.. There's just too many things. One of these days, I'll just be able to change my profile in facebook, or myspace, and it'll update the Social Security Office, my Employer, my Credit Cards, my bank, the post office, and whoever else I need to notify. Heh. Til then, I'm going to be in a line at some government office, or filling out paper work, and writing my new name on a gazillion different documents.

1. Social Security Card
2. Driver's License (get a photo ID first then the rest will be easy, but call ahead for an appointment)
3. Bank Accounts (on checks, versatel cards, etc.)
4. Post Office - change of address form but just change the name
5. Credit Cards
6. Employer's Records and Health Insurance
7. All of your bills (for example - PG&E, Water bill, phone bill, etc.)
8. Car Insurance and Car Loan (for a change in title when the car becomes yours)
9. Costco Membership, Gym Membership, Membership in other organizations
10. School identification cards if you have them
11. Alma Mater or send announcement to them

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