Aug 15, 2007

Scrabulous out of commission...

One of the better facebook applications is out of commission for a bit because it's too popular. Reminds me of the email thread on craigslist that took down because he had too many friends..

    I have 5 Scrabble games on hold for now. Here's the message that I got when I go to the homepage of the application:

    Need another day.

    What we did last night did not work, we need another day to get this running.

    There's no point in letting everyone try to play and face errors, so we're closing it for some more time. Please check back in tomorrow.

    Any programmers with experience in load balancing please email . We can do with some support in that area.

    Sorry folks ... trying our best to give you the best.

I can just see the engineers scrambling around to try and find a solution. Best of luck to you guys. I hate load balancer issues.

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