Sep 25, 2007

Hello Angus!

New hand held cell phone ban in California. I have no clue when I'll be able to call my friends again. Guess I better get myself a bluetooth ear piece.

Amazon's stock skyrockets to 93 bucks yesterday.. in time for the announcement of their DRM-free Mp3 Download store. It's kind of funny how long it's taken them to come up with an mp3 download store. I mean Amazon had announced a service a long time ago, that allowed customers to download their songs after they purchase the album. I believe it was all stored in your own digital locker. It's unclear whether anyone still uses it, but this was launched in early 2002 I believe. Doesn't seem like a huge switch to sell single mp3's. Great to see that it is DRM-free.. and it only costs 89 cents for the top 100 songs.

On a personal note, congrats to Jordan and Alex on the birth of their beautiful first born. Angus Hay Edelman.

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Xiaojing said...

you! let's have a meal soon. when do you get back to SF in the evenings? dinner?