Jan 9, 2008

New Year, WTF?

I feel like 2008 kind of crept up. I wasn't prepared. Did I even complete my 2007 resolutions? What were they even? It's the 4th day at work, and the holidays are already a blur. I just remember nearly passing out from an overly stuffed stomach after gorging at the Wynn Buffet. In fact, I think that's all I did over the holidays: over stuff myself and pass out. Oh, we did play a few rounds of Wii golf/bowling. My sister was overly giddy with the Rayman Raving Rabbits game.

Anyways it's the new year and I'm feeling very unprepared, unorganized. New to LA. new foods, new friends (sorta - more of a mish mash of new and old), new traffic patterns, new attitudes. I haven't gone to the gym in about a month, and the holiday stuffing is finally taking its toll on my mid-section. That's when you know the 30s have hit.

So I guess to start my list of resolutions is to get back my life back back in order.

  • Unpack (we only have a few boxes left).
  • Get WiFi (sad how dependent I am on the internet. Free Wi-Fi doesn't seem to be the "in" thing around here so my Starbucks T-Mobile subscription charges are quickly adding up.)
  • Renew my Canadian Passport. 10 week process. Would really like to go on my honeymoon outside of the states, so a passport is essential.
  • Learn to surf. I am so close to the beach now.
  • Read
  • Run (planning on trying to get in to the NYC marathon again - please join me)
  • Get on top of work. This will prove difficult considering no one else sleeps.
  • Start up photography again - that is - if I have a life outside of work.
  • Someone last weekend brought up ultimate. Perhaps.
  • Learn a language? This may also prove difficult.
  • Perhaps become a puppy owner. I'd be overjoyed.
  • And as I mentioned, go on a honeymoon. We had planned to go to Costa Rica, but the hulu opportunity took precedence, so...

That sums it up. According to Chinese numerology, this should be a very profitable year, so we'll see how that goes. If so, real estate may be in the future :)

Anyhow enough blabbing. I leave you with a makeover. Not of myself, but of some guy getting made up as Johnny Depp. I'm not sure why I find this show (TVGuide's Look A Like), so amusing but I do (I like the Hills too - that may explain some things). Brought to you by Hulu :)

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