Feb 8, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

For those that don't have an invite to Hulu, here's last night's Pilot's episode of Lipstick Jungle - the other new Sex and the City show. I haven't watched Cashmere Mafia yet, so I'll hold my judgement for now.

If you are already in Hulu beta, here's the link to the Lipstick Jungle's pilot page.

And if you do want an invite. Let me know. We just launched an invite 10 friends campaign :)


Holly Golightly said...

ok, i've seen both lipstick and cashmere, b/c of the writers' strike. both are sad substitutes for SATC, but i think i like cashmere better thus far - and yes, of course i reviewed it already

Miss Jenny said...

Cashmere Mafia suckos. I had to change the channel even though I am a huge fan of Lucy Liu.