Jun 5, 2008


I watched Spirit of the Marathon a couple of weeks ago - and while it was an amazing story covering experiences from 6 different marathon runners all training for the Chicago marathon - I didn't feel motivated to do another marathon.. BUT I always said, that if I got into New York's, I'd run it. Even when I was there, visiting Vanissa for her graduation, I was thinking "it's nice, it's flat, I can totally run this".

Lottery result (drum roll, please).

And there it is. My first words were "Shit!"

And the reality of it is, New York's Marathon isn't flat, it's just flatter than SF which doesn't help me at all. Everything's a hill to me now since I haven't been running at all.


Bryce said...

Dude...ROCK on!

Miss Jenny said...

go betina go! i'm currently icing my foot. my tibial tendonitis is back! yes!!

26.2 miles of blog said...

Yo Betina... that is rockin!

Elizabeth said...


joann said...

wow! you can do it!!