Jul 7, 2008

The Fourth

Marathon training report - I'm up to 4.2 miles. Heh. Ran it this morning, thinking it would help get me energized for the week. Instead, I'm hungry and tired. Grrr.. I know I can do a 12 miler at this point. Just finding the right weather conditions for marathon training has been challenging. It's always too hot. I figured out that it's actually nicer to run in the evenings, because it gets cooler, the later it gets. In the mornings, you get to a certain distance, and you just can't run anymore, because it gets so damn hot. I need a team to train with. I wonder how much of my needs are stemmed from being on a swim team for almost a decade. I would've never gone to the pool by myself. And while I was on TNT, it was really hard to motivate to run unless it was a scheduled run, and I was expected to pick people up.

I'm so not discipline. Probably need to work on that.

The weekend was nice. Ni flew in for a few days. We spent the 4th on the beach, soaked in the sun, and watched four sets of fireworks with our feet buried in the sand. It was actually a pretty good 4th - weather was perfect, and it was fun to be surrounded by new friends, Justin and my sister. Quite relaxing, indeed.

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