Feb 14, 2006

happy valentines day

It's such a girlie holiday. I've already been wished a Happy V-day by four other women. In Japan, men actually get the chocolates on Feb 14th, and the women need to wait until White Day, March 14th to get a Valentines treat.

Today is not only V-day. It's also our 4 year anniversary. YAY US! We don't actually have a date, and chose Valentines day to kill two birds with one stone. How romantic eh? Actually four years ago to this day was the first time I remember laughing really hard with him. We had it all planned. I got tickets to see Jitney at the Seattle Repertory Theater and we would grab dinner somewhere afterwards. He was running late, and it was cold and rainy like all other winter days in Seattle. I was in a mood, because he didn't have a cell phone so I had no idea where he was, but I didn't want to seem so HM, because we were still in the impressionable phase. 15 minutes into the first act of Jitney, he appeared, all wet, out of breath, with a dozen roses in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other, looking so apologetic that I forgot that I was angry. We got "standby tickets" for another showing of Jitney and decided to return to my apt to watch an Eddie Izzard HBO special that a co worker had lent to me earlier that week. Half an hour into the show, we were on the ground laughing our butts off. Afterwards, we went over to Wasabi Bistro in Belltown for a light dinner and some jazz. It was also the first time Justin was to try nigiri sushi. Needless to say he loved it ( which was one of my requirements for a boyfriend ), and it's been good since.. Well we did have a little break up the following March, but I don't like to think about it.


Holly Golightly said...

wow, i can't believe you guys have been together FOUR years!!

btw, i don't think burnt ramen is really that bad, actually.

vanissa said...

awwwwwwwwww...i love this!!! :) :) :) i love you guys to pieces :) XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

jwoo said...

blog betina blog!