Feb 21, 2006

Project Runway drama on the olympics

I'm a big fan of Project Runway, partially because the fashion world is so fascinating, more because of the copious amounts of boy drama mostly initiated by the new Bravo drama queen Santino.

Apparently boy drama has gone to Olympic proporitions. In the Men's 1,000 meter speed skating finals last Friday, as Shani Davis sped across the finishing line with the Gold win, teammate Chad Hedrick's face turned sour. Apparently there has been so much tension between the two skaters, that he couldn't even smile for the increase in the US Medal count. Davis' acceptance of the gold was odd. He didn't smile, and he only said a few words to the overly excited reporter who also noted that Davis was rather terse for such a momentous occasion.

I think they just need a nice little bitch-slapping session and all will be good again. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Tonya Harding lately... Apparently I've been watching to much E-TV. BAD!

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Holly Golightly said...

i find the speed skating drama incredibly funny; esp since the airing was interspersed with our usual favorite olympic drama - women's figure skating... i thought sasha cohen was quite obnoxious at the last olympics but nice to see that she's grown up.