Sep 25, 2006

And back again...

, tvSorry haven't updated in awhile.

Last week, I obsessively signed on a few more vendors to help out with our pending nuptuals in Vegas. I signed on The Palette, a local florist that will be doing all the flowers for the event. The bouquets are going to be amazing. I don't think I've ever been this excited about flowers. Seriously this whole wedding planning thing has brought out a whole new side of me. Signed up my friend Tera Johnson, aka amazing jazz singer. She'll be performing with a jazz quartet. On bass is none other than Billy Brockmann, brother to Andy Brockmann who I went to College with. Closing down on the photographer this week.. I'm signing contracts left and right. Next up: Make up artist.. to wear false eyelashes or not to wear them. A question that all Asian brides will ask, unless you are like my sister, who has butterfly wings for her eyelashes. She bats them quite well, I must say.

Thank goodness for the return of our many fave tv shows..2 and a half men, grey's anatomy, the Sunday line up of the Simpson's, Family Guy and American Dad (which is actually proving to be quite good this year). And I've added on Studio 60, 6 degrees and Brothers&Sisters.. Don't worry, there is no way I'm going to be able to keep with this many shows... especially with top chef, lost and scrubs returning. I have successfully grown out of my WB or CW phase.. though I must admit that I do catch re-runs of Dawson's on TBS every so often.

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Allen said...

I'm totally bummed about you outgrowing your WB/CW phase. Because when I think of those old shows, I immediately think of you watching them.