Sep 14, 2006

Restaurant Review: Myth

Myth Jackson Square, San Francisco

I dare say that Myth represents San Francisco cooking at it's best. To be honest, I was getting kinda sick and tired with the same old haunts in SF eateries.. I had been to 1550 Hyde Street 3 times.. Third time was only so-so. My weekly visits to Sanraku was wearing me thin, and the wait at Milano's was getting longer and longer. It was getting a little too cold for the eateries on Belden Place Ave (which I adore more for the people watching).. and so on so forth - you get the picture.

Then all of a sudden, my friend Katy called me with astounding news. She had gotten a reservation for us at Myth - a place that had been ranked as one of the best new restaurants in SF. I think she made the reservation two months in advance, but it was well worth the wait.

Over the course of the dinner, everything presented to us was delectable. The presentation was original - each morsel of food carefully mounted on the other one. The food combinations were experimental but well thought out and layered to complement eachother perfectly. The decor was hip and chic. Check out the private rooms as you make your way to the back where the restrooms reside.

A few things that keep this from being a 5 star on my list are:

  • My friend Katy was without a fork for a few minutes, during the third course of our meal. She was drooling and yet we couldn't get anyone's attention to get her a utensil.
  • I had the Hawaiian Walu which was overall divine. However it is described to come with mussels on the menu, but when the dish arrived, it was without. The bus boy got me a little dish of mussels as soon as I pointed it out.
  • The restrooms signs seem out of place. They were faded and old, but no in a retro way by any means. They just need to be replaced.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to my next visit to Myth (aka Deliciousness).

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