Sep 7, 2006

I'm home-sick for Seattle

Colin just wrote me to write up a desc of Seattle for one of his friends. Just made me realize how much I LOVE Seattle. Here's my take on the city and it's best too offer.

Radio station to listen to: KEXP 90.3.

Newspaper to peruse: The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly

Neighborhoods (the cost of the place is largely based on the view you have)

Capital Hill - known as the alternative, gay and hip neighborhood. Very much like a mix of SF's Castro and the Haight. Lots of good bars (Cha Cha Cha Lounge, Stumbling Monk Pub, the Garage). The closer you get to downtown, the younger it gets. Further up the hill is more residential. Volunteer Park which you may remember from Singles is up around 15th Ave. Cool bars, punks, laid back people, great coffee shops (B&O Espresso, Espresso Vivace), $1 burgers at Dick's. No parking.

Queen Anne - more of the yuppy crowd, though still laid back. Close to all the theaters, the ballet and opera, Space needle. Has the best views of the city, in my opinion. Apparently this is where Frasier's apartment complex would be if it existed. Good sushi (Ototo sushi restaurant). Good breakfast joints (5 Spot Cafe). Close to downtown. Hard to find parking.

Fremont/Wallingford - Most like typical San Francisco with it's cafes, bookstores, and boutiques. Check out the troll under the fremont bridge. Mix of young families, and some college kids. Good thai food at Jai Thai.

Belltown/Downtown - Most like SOMA. A lot of converted warehouses to lofts. Attracts business people and financial types. Lots of single bars and dance clubs. It's a little loud at night and you probably don't need a car if you live here. Best bars to check out: Shorty's (an old school arcarde with a lot of pinball machines, $1 beers, and hot dogs), Art Bar (mostly a dive, with good booths), Cyclops (gets a bit jammed, though everyone is pretty friendly. Best mojitos in the city), Jazz Alley (great late night dinner and jazz place). Tons of restaurants.

Greenlake - 15 minutes North of Downtown. Very residential and more family oriented than the neighborhoods near downtown. Lots of outdoorsy people, runners, bikers, kayakers, dogs. Lots of space. Best Indian food in Seattle at Taste of India or it's sister restaurant Cedar's in the University District.

There are more neighborhoods..both Ballard and Magnolia are supposed to be pretty nice though I haven't spent much time there. I would stay away from First Hill and Beacon Hill. Both are pretty ghetto, though there are some great Ethiopian restaurants and BBQ joints.


Kathryn said...

Come back to Seattle and keep me company!

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