Sep 26, 2006

Tuesday morning ho-hum.

Apple iTunes 7.0 vs Amazon Unbox - last week we released Amazon unbox which got so-so reviews. Apple just released their version. Both apparently deliver very clunky experiences on Windows, but it's interesting to see the advances in digital downloads.

* * *

Sundance just started selling their lottery tickets. Eugene has info if you are interested in his annual birthday reunion/movie fest.

* * *

The Bloomingdales West Coast flagship store is opening this weekend. Over 170 new boutiques will also be opening, including a third H&M (not sure why we need a third one, especially when the other two are within three blocks of this new one), a new theater, and a glorified food court which will feature WitchCraft (sandwich specialty cafe from top chef judge Tom Colicchio), Out the Door (creation by Slanted Door's Charles Phan), American (a Bradey Ogden's creation), a fast food version of my Mexican Bistro favorite Colibri. I'm so very excited.

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