Oct 3, 2006

Finding Ways To Spoil Myself

Yes it's that time of year again.. my 29th bday. This year, instead of throwing a wild raging party (since i am such the rager), I'm opting for a 'me' day. Most of my weekends have been spent training for marathons and wedding planning, so I'm taking my bday off from everything, including TV. Instead, I will be treating myself to a much needed facial at Studio C Skincare, a spa in the Marina that has been getting top notch yelp reviews. Hopefully my experience will be as good as fellow reviewers.. I'm looking forward to it.

It will be followed up by dinner, Justin's treat at Cafe Chez Panisse (We decided on the cafe because the restaurant has a set menu and if that set menu happened to have any nuts, then I'd be missing out and miserable). Drool!

A few more things to spoil myself. A BCBG dress (image above and to the left) for the birthday date and possibly for Amy and Owen's up coming wedding. Of course since I am on a budget of some sort, I won it on ebay. I am also waiting on the auction results of this fantastic Juicy Couture Large Hobo (pic on the left). What can I say? I'm an Ebay fanatic.


As for the wedding - our Save the Dates will be making an appearance in your mailbox in the next two weeks. We sent out the first batch last weekend, and I'm still getting a few more stragglers out. We used the Premium Postcard service provided by USPS. Basically you upload images intended for the front and the back, put in all the addresses of the guests, and the postcards will be printed and sent out. It even supports international addresses. At 80 cents a pop for postcards with US Addresses, it's a steal.

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