Oct 10, 2006

Before 30 revisited

Egad! Birthday is tomorrow. I have exactly a year and a day before I turn 30.. and while i did get to mark off a few things this year on my before 30 list.. (go to china, go to japan, get engaged and solidify serious relationship, photo show), I still have much to do.. atleast I think I do. Since my before 30 list was wiped - diary-x server died and they had to wipe the hard drive which stored my before 30 list - i don't exactly recall everything that was on there. I wrote it when I turned 24 or 25.. So it was eons ago.

Anyways since I only have a year now.. here's a list of items I'd like to complete before I turn 30.

  • Get a PB in another marathon (planning to run in the Chicago marathon next year)
  • Start taking a language classes (Japanese and Mandarin are at the top of my list)
  • Go to NY
  • Take a cooking class
  • Save mula
  • Get married, and honeymoon in [Santorini/Mykonos/Paris]
  • Get promoted at work
  • Buy a Digital SLR

Seems short but I've been shocked at how fast a year goes by. I'll add on as I see fit. I should probably run another half-marathon too.. ooh and keep my weight off through the holiday season and win the lottery or at a craps table :)


Anonymous said...
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joann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bet!! hope you have a great day!