Jun 8, 2007

Professional Photos are In!

After checking my email nearly every 10 minutes this past week, Ingrid finally emailed us our set of professional photos from our wedding in Vegas. I know, it's the only thing that I've blogged about this past month.. I promise I'll be more interesting in a few weeks when I can actually concentrate on other things.

If you want to view the photos, go to ImagesByIngrid.com. Then Click on Online Orders and find my name. You'll then get into our slideshow accompanied by wedding music (woohoo - turn it up). Then click on View Images and Order Photos and you'll get to look at our sets. Let me know if it doesn't work. You may have to install Flash, but most browsers have that already installed. The Username is 'imagesbyingrid' and the password is 'love'.

Overall I'm pretty happy with them. I've never seen so many huggy photos at a wedding before. The Bride and Groom session was really amusing. The song "VOGUE" was running through my head the entire time we were doing the poses. I sooo can't keep a serious face. Also, kinda funny - my false eyelashes are not doing so hot towards the end of the night. I suspected it, but at that time I was too distracted to do anything about it.

Oh and I've added links to most of the other photo albums on our wedding website.

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