Jun 12, 2007

You know it's an off day when...

  • You're out early, but the bus (that usually comes every 5 minutes) doesn't come for 15 minutes.
  • You miss the train because of the late bus
  • You are second in line, but the first person in line has a huge order.
  • When you get change back, you get 2 twenties, and 6 dollar coins. (All of a sudden I felt like i was in Canada again - who uses these here?) The cashier says with a grin 'That's big change'. Big Change???
  • You miss the second train because of the slow service getting coffee. You end up on the local train which makes all possible stops between teh city and Palo Alto.
  • The coffee lid leaks all over your white jacket, and cropped jeans. Both of which, you just washed.
  • You realize that you're late for an interview.
  • You don't get into the NYC Marathon because there were 98,000 applicants, of which they can only accept 30,000.

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