Jul 10, 2007

Back to Seattle

(photo by eugene wei)

Another whirlwind trip to Seattle for Matt and Audrey's beautiful wedding.. Both bride and groom were stunning and so happy. You'll be amazed to hear that no tears were shed at the wedding - I'm getting better at these things. I was just incredibly happy for these two.

- The black and white photo booth.
- Seattle weather - 80 degrees, slight breeze. Gotta love Seattle summers.
- Seeing old Amazonians and Seattle-ites. There are a number of people that I've sadly lost touch with since my move to the bay area. The only updates I get are through blogs and online social networks. Welcome to the internet era. Good to see you guys.
- Running around red faced and giddy. My mom kept on saying "oh no, too red, too red." I felt like I was one of one those little kids running around a chinese restaurant during dim sum hours. Weeeeee!
- The dragon that iced drinks. Check out Eugene's photos to see the ice sculpture in action.
- Owen, Amy and Hubby J rushing into the wedding tent right before the wedding party. Owen got pulled over by evil greedy Factoria cops and got two tickets (one for expired tags and the other for an expired insurance card) for a grand total of 800 bucks. The pricey one is for the expired insurance card - we believe he can contest that one, so hopefully all works out.
- Uncle Adrian's speech in which he told Matt that it was a Chinese Tradition for him to take care of Uncle Adrian when he's older.
- Catching up with my parents, aaron(audrey's bro), euge, Team Red, and Team Med.
- Seeing Audrey and Matt Married! Congratulations!

UPDATE - My photos from the weekend.

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