Jul 17, 2007


Do you live in the Bay Area? Are you constantly amazed with the food, the concerts, the street fairs, and the food? Do you lust after Thomas Keller and Elizabeth Faulkner? Do you love the fog horns that wake you up in the morning, and coo you to bed at night? Do have a constant tan if you live in the East Bay, or the Peninsula? Do you talk about how you want to go hiking in the Redwoods because they're so close? Do you talk about your view of Alcatraz from the roof?

If so.. you've been hit with the disease knows as Bayarea.

We were talking over the brunch the other day, and Sarah couldn't stop talking about how fresh her salad was.. and I was in complete agreement (I had ordered the same thing - a tuna nicoise salad at Le Petit Robert). Scott looked over and told us that we both had really bad Bayarea - people that live in the bay area, and get together to just talk about the bay area.

Apparently we have really bad Elliotbayarea as well because S and I get together and talk about Seattle as well.

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