Jul 26, 2007


If you're curious as to why you haven't seen any recent posts from me, it's because of my growing infatuation with Facebook. I spend all my free time there. For some reason it's so much cooler then MySpace or Friendster (I always feel bad for Friendster because i consider them the first one that gained an international audience). Perhaps it's all the apps that other developers have added, so that you can send virtual gifts to people, or my personal fave, throw nachos at anyone who has the food fight application. Regardless it's spreading like a wild fire.

Also, I haven't been as awake as a normally am. I'm giving up my coffee addiction. For many a years, I've avoided looking up the relationship between eczema and coffee. Then late last week, I was downing my 6th cup of coffee at work, and felt like I could scratch my back off.. Then I looked it up. People with eczema should not drink coffee.

AMZN is up again. If I had held on to my stock options that I initially got with my signing bonus, I would finally be above water (I joined back in Jan 2000, when the stock was up at 81). Today, reported a 7 year high of $89.00. Why? Good earnings. But if you ask me, it's because of Harry Potter's last installment. If you take a look at the graph over the last 7 years, there's always been an increase in the stock during the 2nd quarter whenever there's a Harry Potter release. It's just a theory.

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