Sep 12, 2007

The Next Big Thing

Amazon funds the next big idea. I am a geek, and I love that they are doing this, but sadly I'm not eligible.

Went touring through wine country this past weekend. Gotta love Napa. No matter how many times you do the Mondavi tour, you always learn something new. Photos from the weekend are here.

Napa always ends up being an expensive trip. Even though we took advantage of my connections there, you can't help but buy a few great bottles of wine (especially encouraged when you get the nice Friend Discount) from the tastings. I snagged a bottle of Frog's Leap 2005 Zin, Darioush 2006 Signature Viognier, and 2004 Darioush Signature Shiraz. Yum!

We'll be going up there for a mudbath and a hot air balloon ride (courtesy of Karl and crew) in a few short weeks. I can't wait!

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