Sep 13, 2007

On becoming 30

It just hit me as I was watching some memorial service for 9/11, that it was a mere month before the big 3-0. When I was in my tweens, 30 was crazy old. I mean I couldn't even fathom my life at 25. I just had a few goals in mind, mostly to have moved out from my parents, to be financially independent, to be in a different city other than blacksburg, and to be dating. Ha. Obviously 25 was a few years back, and I did accomplish those goals.

Since then, my goals have been more adventuresome - eat more, travel more, run more, learn more. And to an extent, I've accomplished this. Of course these goals are unending. After every good meal, vacation, run, I'm just ready to do more.

Now with my 30th birthday coming up, I find myself without goals and even odder, without a desire to have anything more. I guess it's how you look at it. From where i stand, my life as it is right now, is pretty complete. Sure I can always have more of something.. I have been eying a nice 50" flat screen tv, and the limited amount of space in our overstuffed 1 bdrm nob hill apt is sometimes less than desirable. But other than material desires, I'm pritty pritty good (as Larry David would say). I do need to travel more before I settle (whatever that means). And of course, (my parents always brings this up), I do at some point need to own some real estate, instead of handing my tax money to the gov't.

Anyways I bring this all up, because el wrote up her 'before 40 goals', and I was thinking 'ogod, 40 is crazy old'. I can't imagine goals that could span a decade to accomplish. Anyways all this blabbing leads to nothing. Just that, I don't have any before 40 goals besides staying fit, and staying healthy (I'm a little obsessed with looking at my red blood cells after watching Crazy, Sexy Cancer, a documentary about a NYC actress and her desire to get as healthy as she can after she gets diagnosed with vascular cancer. It's a great story - I highly recommend it).

Enough blabbing. I'm supposed to give J a list of stuff that I want, but I can't think of anything. Do you have any ideas? We're a little late with planning if I wanted a dinner at French Laundry. Maybe I can stick that on my goals before turning 31.

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vanissa said...

oooo, before 40 goals. i should get crankin' on those. migz and i wrote a bunch of them down on our roadtrip down to fl.....anyway, i like reading your blog. xo, ni.