Oct 24, 2007

Damn Sexy

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I admit, this pic isn't very flattering - eyes red, face red and sweaty, hair's a mess, ipod headphone cord flying in mid air, arms awkwardly chugging along. Last Sunday, I along with 27,000 mostly women (who probably looked like this) crossed the finishing line at the 4th Annual Nike Women's Half and Full Marathon. We all got great Tiffany necklaces to commemorate the occasion.

While the photo is no glamor shot, it does remind me of my love for running (even though I look pretty pained and exhausted). I'm constantly amazed with how much our bodies can endure and I always feel like I want to challenge it just a bit more. Besides the physical aspects, running has allowed me to see some of the most beautiful parts of SF on foot. I've also met some of my closest girl friends while training.

Race day for this marathon is always amazing. You're in the crowd with 27,000 or so other strong women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. It's incredible to be part of such a diverse crowd - every single person there has a different story of how they got there, why they are there and how they will finish. It is so empowering that I thought it was worth a post. In addition, this race helped raise 1.8 million dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which is not too shabby at all. Congratulations all!

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Anonymous said...

good job, always proud of you...