Nov 27, 2007

from norcal to socal

Heh - I just thought this clip was amusing.

The last 72 hours have been pretty crazy. We've been on the move for awhile, and I've finally have a little time to breathe, and reflect over the last 72 hours. It's been difficult to move to LA. Much more difficult that I would've imagined. I was teary-eyed leaving A9, and even more teary-eyed leaving 1340 Washington - our place of residence over the last 4 years. That apartment was good to us.

Yesterday we drove around LA looking at our new environment.. trying to imagine our lives in different neighborhoods around the city. And so far, it hasn't been so bad. Still, it feels like J and I are just on an extended vacation, especially since we are in corporate housing - the furniture and the housewares are foreign to us.. and we don't know all our neighbors yet (although coincidentally Eugene lives down the hall from us which makes it a little homier). I'm sure it'll start sinking in when we find a more permanent spot.

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ni said...

yay! i talked to j yesterday...hope you guys find a place soon. we can't wait to come visit you when you are settled. see you xmas! xoxo ni