Nov 7, 2007

With a Heavy Heart

My sister's 27th birthday (Happy Birthday Ni!) marks the end of a very long venture. I am finally leaving the mothership. I handed in my official resignation to Amazon / A9 yesterday.

I'm going to be unusually reflective over the next few blogs, as J and i have decided to take on LA. For him, LA is the mecca of Animation, for me, there's the promise of parking, puppy ownership, and perhaps a shorter commute (my commute now by public transportation is about 1.5 hours) and a huge career opportunity at

more to come...

So to continue.. today I went to the gym and saw some unassuming guy wearing a red tank top that read in bold "finalist". He turned around and I noticed that the back read "2007 South of Market Bare Chested Male Calendar". Ahh the quirks. I'm going to miss the Bay Area quirks - the fact that everyone is an obsessive wino or foodie and has their top 5's about every cuisine (it's no wonder that started here), the Nob Hill dogs (like Tonka the neighborhood Chow, the Houdini, his boston terrier companion), Nob Hill celebs (the Brown twin sisters who dine at Nob Hill Cafe every Tuesday night at the same table), eccentric old ladies that wine and dine like they just got out of college, the Cable Car, the wine bars that keep on popping up faster then Starbucks can spread, the Muni bus drivers (the few African-American and Hispanic drivers that have learned Chinese to smoothen out the conflicts on the Chinatown route), driving through the Tenderloin, the smell of the ocean and the redwoods on my wednesday and saturday runs, the farmer's market at the Ferry Building, the restaurants, my 35 cent bbq pork bun that I get on occasion when I wait for the bus, the fog horn, the calming sway of the Caltrain.. Okay I guess I'm starting to speak less about the quirks and more about the stuff that I've fallen in love with in the last 4 years I've been here.


Oh and there are my friends that I never thought I'd make when I first moved here, and now, I can't ever imagine leaving them.

Speaking of which, I should join them now, as my time with them is limited. I know friendships don't change.. but the day to day dependency on their presence does. It's sad but I guess it's a part of growing up that everyone learns to deal with.


Sandra Cheng said...

!!! I just heard from Kathryn at dinner actually, and then saw this post. Congrats! I know what you're going through, having just done the same thing 4 weeks ago. wow, I can't believe it's already been that long, there's still some sense of loss, but overall, it's *great*. i highly recommend it. =D

Holly Golightly said...

good luck out there, B! i know you'll be crazy busy these next few wks before you get down there. but it sounds quite exciting!