Mar 4, 2008

I'm white!

Apparently I like what white people like.. Among the list are the following that apply to me:

- modern furniture
- co-ed sports
- toyota prius
- mos def
- michael gondry
- threatening to move to canada (well I am Canadian)
- kitchen gadgets
- Japan
- dogs
- sarah silverman (did you see the recent kimmel vids?)
- living by the water
- public radio
- indie music
- sushi

More than 50% of this list applies to me. I think I'm going to start a stuffyellowpeoplelike blog. Well, when I actually have time to do my own thing that is.


joann said...

this site is funny! so do you think the person doing the site is white? j and i think he/she is asian bc he/she writes about yellow fever and liking andy lau!

joann said...

look what i found!