Mar 4, 2008

Ventures in LA LA land

Celeb sightings so far.

  • John Cho (MILF quoter, Harold from Harold and Kumar) at Quality Food & Beverage

  • Eva Mendes at Itacho

  • Sophia Bush, James Lafferty (One Tree Hill), Lionel Richie at Bed, Bath and Beyond

  • Ace Freely at Starbucks on the Promenade

    And a handful of sketchy Paparazzi waiting for celebs. And a handful of reality stars.

    Oh and I keep on running into Jai from Queer Eye. I've already seen him three times.


    Elizabeth said...

    celebrities sighted in philadelphia: 0. sigh.

    Holly Golightly said...

    oh, look at you, all name dropping and stuff =)