Mar 12, 2008

the sound of silence

Taken at the office at 1:50am for the launch of on Wednesday morning. We could only keep still for literally three shots. Immediately following the brief photo session we were back at our computers to fix problems. I think I sat at the edge of my seat from 2pm to 4am - typing as fast as I could, working on moving things from server to server, making sure key art was good quality. Working on the product tour with folks. Reading through legal print.. Praying that things would not going wrong.

Today it's been calm. And it's a nice satifying calm.. servers are running okay.. and now it's business as usual. My typing speed has returned to it's normal heart beat pace. My brow is less furrowed.

I have never felt more like an owner than I have here. And I'm obsessed about the product/brand that we've made. It's genius I think.. but we still have a long way to go still. So there's much more in store.

The funny thing is that I haven't watched any television in 3 months. It's usually in the background now.. keeping me company as I type into the night. The Tivo red record button comes on every once in awhile, indicating that I have yet another video getting added to the growing inventory of videos I have yet to watch. I'm going to have a long weekend some time, where I'll just hole up in the living room and play catch up. I wish that queue was on Hulu.


audrey said...

Hmm..TIVO queue on Hulu...idea perhaps? :-)

Hope all is well Betina!!! I know you've been hard at work and heads down but shoot me an email whenever you get a free moment for a catch up!

Congrats to everyone for an awesome launch!

Holly Golightly said...

congratulations! you guys look so happy, haha. are those all the important people in the front with you?

jordan said...

Congratulations Betina! I've been watching the Beta for months. It looks great.