Apr 13, 2008

Maybe it was the heat...?

A crew of us attended the LA Galaxy vs Toronto FC game to cheer on soccer gurus Donovan and legendary Beckham in the hot hot LA heat at the Home Depot Center (which happens to be the mecca of sporting fields - they had tennis courts, a few soccer fields, a baseball field, and who knows what else - the place was huge).. Thankfully our goldstar tickets landed us seats in the shade so the 95 degree heat wave didn't hinder our enjoyment of the game.

Despite the soccer jerseys, soccer is still a very ad-free sport. There are no flashing signs anywhere, no announcers talking about the sponsorships during the game ( they managed to mention a few during half time ), and there's no music blaring over the loud speakers. All you can hear is the crowd cheering or stomping on the bleachers.. and I bet if you sit close enough, you can hear the ball being kicked around. I loved it. Usually at a basketball game, or a baseball game, I'm much to distracted to really concentrate on the game. Here, all I did was follow Donavan's distinct yellow shoes, and Beckham's long sleeve jersey. Sadly LA Galaxy lost to Toronto - apparently one of the worst teams in the FCC - but I'll definitely attend another game in the near future.

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