Apr 22, 2008


WTF? Perhaps I've taken the internet for granted. I haven't been as obsessed with my keeping my Tivo queue up to date because I can watch it online and legally too. I've never bought a show of Amazon.com or ITunes, or used BitTorrent. Usually I just plop in front of the computer and watch it off of Hulu.com (of course), abc.com or even MTV.com (it's the only way I can catch on up "The Hills" without pissing off J). So yesterday, upon returning from the gym, I wasn't mad when J mentioned that he stopped recording GG because he wanted to channel surf (our Tivo and cable are set up in such a way that you can't do anything when the Tivo is running). I told him that I would just catch up online without further thought.

This morning, as I was having my morning cereal, I came across this article that explains why they won't be streaming the last 5 episodes of GG online and I thought WTF.. I'm in the business of online TV streaming. If nothing else, this is making me more passionate about getting more content online. I would actually stage a protest against CW and not watch it or Tivo it next week, but the show is just too good.

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audrey said...

I know---WTF right? Too bad you're not in Seattle...I've got a copy both on my TIVO and in Media Center..but the file is enormous so I can't send it to you over e-mail...If you can think of other creative ways, happy to share...little Jenny Humphrey isn't as sweet as she used to be...too bad...