Aug 26, 2008

Hollywood stars making a transition

I've always thought it was a step up for foreign stars to make the Hollywood circuit, (Jackie Chan in various, Jet Li in various, Gong Li in Miami Vice), but what about vice versa? Usually no name American actors who have failed in the Hollywood circuit, try out the Hong Kong circuit and usually don't get very far. In fact, I remember watching several Hong Kong movies back in the day, and seeing a random British or American actor mixed in the crowd. They were usually on the bad-guy side might I add. Now with Asian movies getting a lot more popular, American actors are starting to make the transition over..

Nicolas Cage is coming up with Bangkok Dangerous with a predominant Hong Kong film cast, including Charlie Yeung (catch her Ashes of Time redux - an old Wong Kar Wai film that I think I saw back in the day, and thought it very slow - I was younger then, so maybe I'll give it a try now that I appreciate Wong Kar Wai a little more). And Josh Hartnett (who hasn't necessarily been a huge success in Hollywood) is going to be starring in a Vietnamese movie, I come with rain.

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