Dec 25, 2008

A year in review

Highlights of 2008

Managed to do some things despite the crazy work hours.

From Jan 08-Mar 08, I was pretty much in a cave the whole time. Typing, coding, making decisions, doing literally everything to get Hulu out the door. Launched early early morning. Still catching up on the sleep that I lost at that point.

Apr 08 - Made a quick trip to Texas, for Justin's cousins wedding. Spent some good family time with E, Grandma Lucy, the Voyles...

Summer 08 - Flew up to NYC for Ni's graduation. Some museum hopping, some hot dog eating. Mostly hung out in her cute little part of Brooklyn. Parents, Vanissa, and Eleanor all flew out on separate weekends for quick getaways. Lots of food, merriment. Saw Beckham bend it with the parents. Flew up to Toronto for a nice family reunion for Enoch & Kimmie's wedding. Found out that J's drinking tolerance is much greater than all my cousins' combined. J&R move out to LA. We are very happy.

Oct 08 - Turned one year older with two delicious meals with some generous family and friends. Eda came out to help in the celebration. Lots of friends take on the greater task of parenthood.

Nov 08 - Dec 08 - OBAMA IS ELECTED! Honeymoon in Tico-land. J and I enjoyed the Pura Vida lifestyle, got pummeled by the waves on Nosara beach, howled with the Howler Monkeys in Arenal and tried to stay dry in Monteverde. We slept 3 times a day, ate fresh fruit and fish, read books and attempted not to think about work :)

Much more happened, although it escapes me now. I'm too lazy to think about all that went into making 2008 so great. But I thank you all for everything. Cheers to the upcoming new year and hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

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